The birthplace of opportunity .


Our company motto is,

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build an entire asset."

Industrious as a matter of principal.

RDM Group is a New York-based, privately held real estate investment, development, and holding firm. Active all along the Eastern Seaboard, we maintain exclusive focus on industrial opportunities within development, rehabbing, and restructuring disciplines. We are proud of our reputation for executing on complex and under-realized projects. That high level of specialization is responsible for numerous ribbon cuttings on real estate projects otherwise deemed impossible.

Questioning is the answer to our success

Where others see raw land, we envision turnkey industrial properties.

Where others avoid assets struck by disaster, we strike gold.

Where others believe limitations, we have faith in our track record.

Upside through value
through ingenuity.

By insisting on self-developing the entire widget, we create the ideal conditions needed to capture massive upside at every phase of the project


Land-hunting with purpose

We don’t just look at the vacancy. We seek the full potential of the land, the location, and the tenanting possibility.


Profiting at the closing table.

Beyond hoping for future appreciation, our well-capitalized position enables us to buy opportunistically.


Obtaining approval for more.

By offering more value to the municipality, we incentivize the municipality to give us the opportunity to deliver on it.


Creating the mechanics for value.

Value engineering is not just a phase. At RDM, it’s an entire philosophy that returns handsome gains at every project.


Building ideal usage right in.

Our exceptional tenant pool empowers us to avoid guessing games. We build for the right tenant(s), right from the start.

Legal & Finance

Working the working numbers.

From regulatory requirements to fiscal considerations, we stretch every dollar to its physical and intellectual limit.

Sales & Leasing

Never selling ourselves short.

By leveraging our brand, our portfolio, and our tenant-tailored facilities, we never have to leave money on the table


Targeting with the accuracy of data.

Our promotional efforts our informed by the rich market data we mine during the rest of the development phases.


Caring enough to keep caring.

We tend to our assets on our own. Instead of farming it out to third parties, we invest with the heart of an owner.


And when opportunity
does knock, we invite it in

RDM regularly fills build-to-suit contracts from investors, funds, and anchor tenants. We also welcome and entertain purchase offers for our marquee assets.

At our core, we believe in the long term. We do, however, know a great deal when we see it, and are glad to return capital to angel and seed investors when the timing is ideal.