Market Leadership begins with Marked Leadership

At RDM, no one person or team can do it all

From day one, our leadership believed that coming together as one would make our firm the one to beat.

Today, that unification and integration have promoted excellence across our acquisition, approval, engineering finance, development, legal, management, and leasing teams.

Isaac Neuman

Champion of the real

Isaac Neuman is best known for his moonshot ideas and unconquerable optimism. And yet, he would not describe himself as a dreamer. Instead, his mission is to seek out the real, the tangible, and the actionable.

Over his many years at the developing edge of industrial real estate, Isaac has successfully delivered on multipronged projects––from raw land to turnkey assets. Real as ever, he says he is most inspired to continue discovering and creating new markets and new opportunities

Yoel Jacob


If knowledge demanded physical space, the wealth of data and experience contained within Yoel Jacob’s mind would fill many of RDM Group’s asset warehouses. Or so goes the dry humor within RDM’s offices.

Yoel is celebrated throughout the industry as a go-to resource and sounding board for all the mechanics, opportunities, and contacts that matter in the industrial market. His rare instinct and coveted relationships continue to promote RDM’s competitive edge.