About us

Where others see raw land and limited upside, we develop rich industrial assets, and execute ambitious built-to-suit projects.

From Area to Assets

We provide custom real estate solutions for modern industrial warehouses, light manufacturing, specialized distribution centers, data storage facilities, physical storage, and end user needs.

Discovery & Due Diligence

We are known for our affinity to unearth great potential for value creation. That can manifest in the identification of under-realized properties in superior locations, or in land hunting for build outs that would serve a specified tenant mix (see Sales & Leasing below). Comprehensive due diligence is always part and parcel.

Underwriting & Acquisition

To exercise total control over our entry plan and ensure the validity of our future exit, we insist on in-house underwriting to verify or challenge our value assumptions. Same with acquisitions, where we pilot the entire process from seller negotiation to financial structuring to the closing table.

Entitlement & Approvals

We specialize in knowing the literal lay of the land. Our unparalleled capacity for obtaining land-use approvals is rooted in deep skill across planning, engineering, architecture, legal, and township collaboration to get shovel-ready. This helps us create value, especially where others fall short.

Engineering & Design

The entire building envelope, inside and out. Our engineering arm integrates with architectural and design disciplines, self-developing the full roadmap of physical action required for each asset. The result is a high-value vision and a tight foundation for execution.

Construction & Management

Our construction team is supported across all facets of project management, promoting a rare top-down command of large industrial construction. This talent and cohesion enables the simultaneous build of multiple projects and product types—from site work through vertical construction.

Legal & Finance

We maintain a division dedicated to matters like raising equity, originating debt, structuring partnerships, meeting regulatory requirements, and expediting inevitable legal hurdles. Only by embedding these resources directly into our firm can we retain the firm grip we believe we need to execute ten times out of ten.

Branding & Marketing

Whether positioning a brand-new asset on the market or reigniting demand in a renovated property, our marketing team produces world class insights, angles, and emblems. By studying market data and tailoring each strategy to maximize project exposure, RDM is consistently able to achieve the necessary exposure and interest to attract the audiences we target.

Sales & Leasing

RDM properties are magnets for high-profile lessees. By developing strong relationships with premium tenants, we are consistently able to fill any available space. We have the capabilities to land hunt for investors, and tenant a future property based on tenant-specific performance figures.

Invest & Diversify

To us it’s the focus. To investors it’s diversification.
RDM has never wavered from our exclusive focus on industrial development. As recent market cycles have proven, this sector enjoys the longevity and stability coveted by many. Whether their portfolios are too heavily weighted toward retail or are simply in need of exposure to alternative asset classes, we invite funds, investors, and industrial operators to connect with our team and discover how our projects can play the role of investment haven in tumultuous climates.