Terms of Service

FinTech project support. Organization of a “turn-key” payment business, complete digital banking, E-money, PI, DLT, SVF, PSP, MSO.


Cooperation with us has a number of advantages, including legal support of turn-key FinTech programs. You are the generator of the idea, while we are the guarantee of its implementation in the legal arena.

Experienced professionals team can help clients to obtain licenses for financial or payment institutions. The services of our company for obtaining FinTech licenses have already been used by more than 80 clients who have already obtained licenses and are carrying out their activities successfully.

This is an official permission for the operation of payment organizations, EMIs and banks, the right to use digital currency in European and other countries.

We base on the full-support strategies for turn-key FinTech projects. It includes the floating of a company, complex legal support, creation of software for financial institutions and before the start of the project, including further legal support of the project.

Our services list of includes:

  • approval of the business plan of the project, distribution of tax liability;
  • registration of an institution with the opening a bank account;
  • development of the statute and constituent documentation;
  • supplying of IT solutions;
  • preparation of documentation for issuing a license;
  • selection of a regional representative office and setting of staff;
  • accounting records maintenance, connection of acquiring for MasterCard/Visa.